The Deputy Mayor of London has provided £67,000 in funding to London South East Academies Trust as part of the Pupil Referral Unit Support Programme.

Woodside Academy was delighted to host a visit from Sir David Evennett MP today.

Dear Editor,

The call to 'ban' permanent exclusions in primary schools (click here) is certainly an admirable aspiration, but misses an important point.


While therapy dogs seem like relatively recent additions to education settings, their effectiveness has been noted for the last few centuries. For context, Florence Nightingale noticed dogs’ abilities to ease anxiety and improve recovery in adults and children which inspired her to further explore the idea of Animal Assisted Therapy. Famed psychiatrist Sigmund Freud also used his dogs to improve his communications with patients, citing that they had an innate ability to sense non-verbal tension and anxiety. By definition, Therapy Dogs are pets that improve your health by giving emotional support. However, the dogs that are based at schools across the Trust are much more than that.

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