The remarkable achievements of over 130 children and young people were celebrated last night at the annual London South East Academies Trust awards evening. 

Bringing together nine schools from across Bromley, Bexley, Lambeth and Surrey, along with the Trust’s music service and alternative curriculum college – the special event took place at Fairfield Halls in Croydon. 

Pupils were presented with awards for many different achievements, from most progress made, academic achievement and attendance, through to resilience, sports and community. 

London South East Academies Trust is a multi-academy trust comprising Mainstream, Special and Alternative Provision schools across the region. 

These are: Bromley Trust Academy, Bromley Beacon Academy, Bramley Oak Academy (Guildford), Aspire Academy (Bexley), Heron Academy (Lambeth) Horizons Academy (Bexley), Endeavour Academy (Bexley), Belmont Academy (Bexley) and Woodside Academy (Bexley). 

Awards were also presented to students of Bexley Music and London South East Colleges’ Alternative Curriculum College, which are also part of the Trust. 

During the event, guests were treated to fantastic performances by Bexley Music students, with a wonderful solo performance by Binu Tenakoon. 

Two pupils from Bromley Beacon Academy – Tony Lee Lovell and Harry Thompson - also wowed guests with a DJ performance. This was in partnership with Noise Academy – an organisation which works with young people to promote music technology and helps them pursue interests and careers in the music industry. 

CEO of London South East Academies Trust, Dr Sam Parrett CBE, welcomed pupils and guests to the event, saying: 

“Hearing about the many achievements of our pupils and seeing them receive their awards this evening is fantastic. 

“Many of our children and young people have had to overcome challenges, but despite these, have shown incredible determination and resilience in their learning and development. 

“As our network continues to grow and we welcome new schools into our Trust, I am so proud of the work we do and the impact our schools have within their communities. Tonight’s celebration truly reflects the collaboration and support seen across our schools.  

“As a Trust, we are committed to providing outstanding education to every single child and this evening’s awards is a wonderful reflection of this.  

“So much hard work is put in every day, both by our amazing staff teams and the pupils themselves, and it is so important to celebrate and recognise this. 

“I am extremely grateful to our staff, our trustees, stakeholders and parents for the continued support they provide. Thank you for everything you do, which makes celebrations like tonight possible.” 

Deputy CEO of London South East Academies Trust and compere for the evening, Neil Miller, added: 

“I am so incredibly proud of every single winner here today and all our wonderful staff who are so committed to their pupils. 

“Our schools are very special places and tonight’s event rightly celebrated the many successes of these amazing children and young people. Bexley Music provided us with stunning performances and Noise Academy, with our two BBA students, was brilliant. 

“Thank you to pupils, teachers, staff and all our families. A huge well done to our winners and please do keep up the good work; you have exciting futures ahead!” 

The Chair of London South East Academies Trust, Rama Venchard, was among the guests attending the event. He said: 

"This evening's celebration was a wonderful reflection of the hard work and commitment that staff and pupils put in daily. All our schools do a remarkable job, changing lives through fantastic education and care. Well done to everyone involved." 

Winners arrived to collect their awards supported by families, guardians, friends and teachers. Here are quotes from some of them: 

Alfie (14) attends Endeavour Academy in Bexley. He was awarded ‘School Star’ and said: 

“This has been a cracking evening. Everyone who has been up on stage tonight feels such a great achievement. My school is really good and I actually wouldn’t be the person I am today without it.” 

Chiedum (14) from Bexley goes to Woodside Academy and won the progress award. She said: 

“I love my class and my teacher. I really enjoyed getting my award tonight and the best bit was the loud DJ music, which I loved.” 

Daniel (10) attends Bramley Oak Academy in Surrey and won the award for resilience. He said: 

“I enjoyed tonight and got an award. I am going to spend my voucher on robots as they are my favourite. I like my school because you get a really good education. Maths is the best thing about school. When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut!” 

Jacob (13) attends Bromley Beacon Academy in Bromley. He won Pupils’ Choice Award and said: 

“The staff at BBAB are so kind and understanding. My favourite part of school is the motorbike workshop, where I enjoy spending time. I am very pleased to get this award. I like to be kind to everyone, I really believe there is no point making enemies!’ 

Teo (11) attended Belmont Academy and won the award for literacy. He said: 

“I enjoyed this evening and really liked the DJ. I liked my school, especially the teachers and am chuffed to have won this award. I really didn't expect it!"

Jake  (10) attends Aspire Academy in Bexley and won an award for improved self-regulation. He said: 

“Tonight has been about making memories with my teachers. I love sport and PE and enjoy going to school. When I first came here I could be a bit crazy but not anymore! I want to be a zookeeper when I grow up.  

Jake’s mum added: “Mrs Arkwright and Mrs Hopkins have changed our lives, I’m so grateful the school. Now I have a happy home!’.


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