The Bexley Music Festival of Music showcased and celebrated some amazing talent last night, with the young performers taking to the stage at Fairfield Halls.

The annual festival featured many fantastic performances - from primary school choirs to accomplished youth orchestras – with the talented musicians demonstrating their dedication and commitment.

Kicking off the evening, the Massed Primary Schools’ Choir performed a collection of songs that showcased their vocal talents. A collaborative performance from the Massed School’s Orchestra, Bexley Music’s Beginner Orchestra and the Elgar Wind Ensemble followed, and the Bexley Music Brass Ensemble performed a rendition of ‘Los Canarios’.

SKEEMOE from Haberdashers’ Crayford Academy delivered a rendition of "Freedom," while the Little Big Band brought lively jazz vibes to the stage, performing Gordon Goodwin's music. The audience also got to enjoy performance in the foyer during the interval!

Many fantastic performances followed from the Secondary Schools’ Choir, First Access Ensemble, Intermediate Band, and Concert Orchestra, Bexley Youth Band and Bexley Youth Orchestra.

Solos were presented by Hadessah Nanjo, Charlie Keeling, and Isolde Laing, further highlighting the individual talents that contribute to the overall excellence of Bexley's young musicians.

Head of Bexley Music, Julie Stanning, said:

“For many of the participating children, this event marked their first experience performing in a grand concert hall alongside their peers. This will be a special memory for them all and they should be proud of their hard work and dedication.

“Thank you to all the teachers and parents/carers who also work so hard to make this amazing event happen.”

Looking ahead, Bexley Music has exciting opportunities planned, including an Instrument Try Out Day, Sound Collective sessions, and a Free Primary and Secondary Easter Course – all of which are set to develop the musical talent in the region!

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