Forest schools seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment. These fantastic outdoor lessons give children the opportunity to develop key skills in a practical and fun environment. Problem solving, communication, resilience and self-regulation are just a small number of social and developmental areas that children build upon through activities such as fire safety, hiking, storytelling and den building. This non-traditional learning environment is becoming increasing popular due to its effectiveness.

Headteacher of Bromley Beacon Academy, Orpington Helena Hamilton says, “All students in KS2 and KS3, at BBAO, take part in forest school on a weekly basis. They are encouraged to take appropriate risks, use problem solving skills and explore their surroundings meaning that the activities support an increase in the children’s confidence and self-esteem.”

One of our other Trust schools, Bromley Trust Academy, Midfield, takes part in weekly Forest school sessions.

Headteacher Robert Freeman says, “Forest school helps children discover hard work both inside and outside of the classroom. All pupils thoroughly enjoy the chance to take part in weekly sessions and explore the neighbouring Park Nature Reserve.”

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