Bromley Educational Trust

We are ambitious about partnering with schools and Trusts that share our passion for the power of education and recognise the positive impact that this can have on communities.

  • When they join us, we are committed to maintaining every school’s diversity and individuality. We understand that schools know their pupils and local communities best and never impose a ‘one size fits all’ culture.
  • Our unique college-sponsored Trust enables us to connect each key stage offer. This provides a seamless transition for our children and young people from the primary level to higher technical qualifications and degrees.
  • Quality-first teaching and learning is key to school improvement in all settings. We set high expectations and celebrate success.
  • We have a proven track record of school improvement. Our academies have access to a wide range of support, including specialist external advisors and professional resources.
  • We work with leading employers and industry partners. This ensures every curriculum area is relevant, equipping our children and young people with the skills and behaviours they need for successful progression and employment outcomes.
  • Our family of schools support one another. We focus on a systems leadership approach, sharing best practices across the whole group at all levels, with a bottom-up approach.
  • Our high-quality central services and exceptional financial control provide all our schools with excellent efficiencies. Our strong track record of financial performance secures our network’s long-term sustainability.
  • Each school benefits from additional support in various areas, from IT support, auditing, HR, CPD and capital funding bids to media training and communications expertise.
  • We offer exceptional CPD and leadership development opportunities. We are committed to investing in our staff and encouraging successful career progression, which is well-facilitated by our organisation's size, breadth and diversity.
  • We help every child and young person fulfil their unique potential by giving them access to exceptional progression pathways and a clear line of sight to a successful future.

We are keen to talk to like-minded schools about the opportunities to join us. Click here to read our full brochure and contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.