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About Us


We are passionate about potential. Our mission is to realise the unique talents and abilities of children and young people in all our schools. ​

Ambitious for every child, we work tirelessly to support them throughout their educational journey and to equip them with the confidence and skills they need to progress and succeed at every level. ​

We recognise and respect the rich diversity, individuality and strengths that our different schools bring to our wider community.

Our ambition is to continue strengthening our network of schools by: ​

  • Celebrating our diversity​ 
  • Promoting excellence ​ 
  • Enabling personal development, achievement and progression​ 
  • Safeguarding the well-being of all children, young people and staff. ​


Our vision is to create a future where every child, in every school, can flourish every day. ​


SUCCESS: ​Success is for all: we create a culture of continuous improvement, encouraging all learners and staff to strive to be better, and succeed. ​

TEAMWORK: ​We work together to maximise the talent and abilities of all, with our learners central to every choice we make. ​

ACHIEVEMENT: ​We have ambition for our learners and staff so that they can achieve and exceed with courage, resilience and determination, realising their own unique potential. ​

RESPECT: ​We empower our learners and our staff to be respectful, to value diversity and to maximise this as a talent and strength. ​

SERVICE: ​Our purpose is to serve our learners and our communities. Leaders at every level serve with integrity, ensuring our learners achieve and progress in society. ​